Conferences and Summits

Transformational experiences that have a strong focus on impact. The objective of these programs is to inspire future and current leaders to embrace positive, long-lasting change. These events include:

  1. Global Summits: large scale events that are 2-3 days long. A place where innovators, young leaders, founders, corporations, and other institutions meet to inspire each other and tackle global challenges.

  2. Vertical Summits: industry specific events. A place where the most important social, economic, and technological vectors are presented, and experts analyze how they are impacting a specific industry.

Executive Education

Innovative and visionary workshops that are powered by our global Brain Trust and produced in collaboration with international academics. This program includes three primary areas:

  1. Executive Programs: 2-3 day long open enrollment programs that deliver impact-centered education related to future trends, changes across socio-economic and technology sectors, and other key markets.

  2. Workshops: full-day or half-day sessions to help executives and managers deliver impact in their organization by understanding the issues in their industries and focusing on meaningful change.

  3. Custom Programs: We work with organisations and institutions to help them make sense of the vectors of change coming their way. Whether it's a one-day workshop with your board, an ongoing programme with your senior leadership team, or strategic input into your learning and development strategy, our offerings will make you feel confident and excited about what lies ahead.


Speakers bureau

As part of the Boma Global community, we have access to top-notch speakers, and we engage with conference organizers or companies to identify and select the best keynote speakers, panelists, and panel moderators for their events.


Together with public and private institutions, we organize inspiration and educational events, with the objective of inspiring communities to create positive change.