Ralph Talmont

Innovation catalyst, speaker, author, presenter and advisor on creativity, innovation and multimodal communication, with deep experience in servicing individual, corporate and SME clients on four continents.

Ralph's involvement with innovation-driven companies began in 1999, when he created the world's first portal for book trade professionals (editing, production, and rights management.) Today, Ralph uses his innate ability to connect people and concepts and communicate ideas to build value for a variety of online and offline projects, is a founder and advisor to early stage startups, and coaches companies and organisations on creativity and communication. 

With a finely developed understanding of the world of technology, he bridges the digital divide for companies and organisations in transition. His new book "The Pig not the Lipstick" offers practical guidance on how organisations can implement innovation thinking programmes, based on methods and approaches drawn from the creative industries.

As a coach, working in groups or one-on-one, Ralph weaves together strands of his multidisciplinary experience to deliver effective communication and creative thinking solutions to individuals and organisations. For instance, as a presentation coach to CEOs, he zooms in on the precise requirements from content to technique, and as a creativity catalyst to small teams, he combines approaches and tools to bring new ideas and solutions to the fore. His coaching and speaking clients include Danfoss, Volkswagen, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationale Nederlanden, PKO BP, Google, HP, Citi, and PLAY.

Over a thirty-year career in visual communications (as photographer, author, producer and designer), Ralph has made retail multimedia products, designed music packaging, produced marketing communications for global hotels and resorts, directed documentary videos, and staged collaborative arts events. His photographs have illustrated the pages of leading magazines and, together with his writing and design, helped corporates such as Siemens, Nike and Commercial Union tell their stories. He has also produced some thirty books on subjects ranging from the World's largest yachts to winemaking and tribal mythology.

Ralph is the Curator and Team Leader for TEDxWarsaw, Poland's first and largest annual TEDx conference (including TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalace, the first TEDx in the World to be opened by a sitting head of state.) He is a co-founder of Seriatim Foundation, an NGO that helps people improve their communication skills, and has served as a mentor at Founder Institute and at PwC Startup Collider. In addition, he is the Communications Director for MetaliCoin, a blockchain startup based in Australia.